Different Electricians For Different Jobs

Different Electricians For Different Jobs

Like plumbers and carpenters, electricians are a branch of tradespeople whose skill in being able to wire structures, repair power outlets, and virtually anything related to electrical systems is invaluable to us. And like other professionals, they have responsibilities and capabilities that differ among different types of electricians.

Domestic or residential

Local or residential electricians are the guys you call for help in repairing a burnt power outlet, installing new electrical systems inside the house, upgrading electrical systems and conducting overall maintenance. They also perform landscape electrical work.

Because they work at the consumer level, domestic or residential electricians are the most in demand among their peers. They may not design electrical systems themselves, but they make sure that what’s created and tested by electrical engineers works in everyday practical applications.


Commercial electricians(elektriker hovden) are a step up from residential electricians regarding the range of clients they serve. They cater to establishments like malls, restaurants and office buildings where the scale of work is vast though nature is almost the same as that conducted by their residential peers.

In addition to the usual installing, repairing, upgrading and maintenance of electrical systems, commercial electricians(elektriker vennesla) may undertake work related to HVAC equipment. Depending on their skill and license, they may also handle security and electronic key systems.


Industrial electricians work in stricter settings such as factories and plants to repair and maintain electrical systems. Some may be required to have knowledge in robotics if the job demands in which case specialized skill is needed.


Journeymen or linesmen are skilled professionals who work in specific settings such as construction sites where the need for in-depth electrical knowledge is present. They don’t undertake residential or commercial work because the skill set is higher than that required to handle ‘simpler’ tasks.

Aside from working in industrial settings, journeymen also specialize in power distribution. They can troubleshoot power and phone lines, repair and replace damaged cables, etc.

Few are aware, but journeymen are the people without whom electricity wouldn’t be supplied to our homes, and where phones and even internet connections would suffer. What they set up is taken over by residential and commercial electricians(elektriker kristiansand) who essentially complete the work by providing electricity(ELPunkt) to end users.

Master electricians

The term ‘master electrician’ is no longer used in some countries but it refers to a professional who’s achieved the highest position in their field. The years of experience gathered give them the tools to act in a supervisory capacity or even to own contracting businesses. Their duties include but aren’t limited to planning and installing electrical systems in various industrial settings, obtaining permits for installation, and overseeing the work of people working under them such as journeymen.

Knowledge aside, master electricians have more experience in their field working with different systems in different settings. The position can be achieved by a journeyman who submits a work piece to a guild or association which is then evaluated by master electricians.

Electricians may be freelancers or employed by a contracting company. Either way, what’s important is hiring a professional who’s a member of a state or national association of electricians or electrical contractors and is an accredited member of a recognized governing body. This ensures that they meet high standards set by these organizations.