Vaping Has Never Tasted So Good Before Five Pawns eJuices


Five Pawns have produced the most delightfully flavored ejuices since 2012 and has developed a line for the vaping connoisseur that offers variety with the taste buds in mind. These flavors are produced using USP food grade ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine in 3, 6, 12, and 18mg nicotine doses and they also come nicotine free, for those who desire just the gourmet taste to enjoy during their vaping experience. The decadent flavors are produce using local and domestic sources in sunny California with the flavors extracted from the actual base ingredients. Five Pawns ejuices receive rave reviews from the epicurean palate and are considered an artisan treat. Their range of flavors is described as fruity, creamy, sweet, dessert, citrusy, minty and delicious. You are sure to find the right flavor for you and your vaping pleasure, whether looking for an all-day vape or a dessert or liqueur treat at the end of the day. Five Pawns ejuice are said to be worth every penny you spend and are valued like a fine wine or rare liqueur. Visit for a full selection of five pawns products including other vape equipment.

Five Pawns offers a Signature Series and a Mixology Edition that includes five unique and complex flavors. Their glass bottles are packaged in cardboard tubes with their individualized branding on both. In the Mixology Edition there is Castle Long that offers vaping enthusiast a taste of Kentucky bourbon with toasted coconut accents and hints of roasted almond, vanilla bean and caramelized brown sugar. Lucena offers spiced rum mixed with peach giving a fruit cobbler flavor with hints of hazelnut. The third selection included is called Sixty Four which is a grapefruit liqueur with cognac flavored by a combination of cucumber, lemon zest, mint and dill. Fifth Rank is flavored after the vintage drink “Lime Rickey” but with a sweet champagne flavor and notes of horehound, sweet cream, vanilla bean, and roasted almond with a twist of lime. Also included in the five variety pack is Perpetual Check, flavored with black currant liqueur and a blend of lemon citrus, sweet fig, barley and cinnamon stick. All flavors receive excellent reviews from the vaping community and offer a unique and flavorful vaping experience.